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We provide furniture to 4 different sectors, Restaurant Furniture, Education Furniture, and Office Furniture.

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3 Unique Furniture Shops

Since 2010

Our Restaurant Furniture Shop

Our Restaurant Furniture Shop provides classic and contemporary furniture for commercial dining spaces. You will find our restaurant furniture in cafés, diners, canteens, bars, and restaurants throughout the UK.  From small urban cafés through to well-known restaurant chains, Nobis Restaurant Furniture sets the standard for high-quality, durable, and extremely well priced furniture.

Since 2010

Our Education Furniture Shop

Our Education Furniture shop has been supplying nurseries, schools, colleges, and universities across the United Kingdom for many years.  It takes understanding and experience to know what furniture works well in such demanding places: durability, practicality, and design are all important features, alongside affordability.

Since 2010

Our Office Furniture Shop

At our Office Furniture Shop you can explore products and resources for planning a workplace for commercial, education, healthcare, or government offices.

We also provide an affordable range of desks, chairs, and accessories for working and learning at home. Now that people are working from home more and more, it is important that home spaces are still a place of home but practical and comfortable.  Explore our range of home office furniture you’ll love.

Everything we do is about our customers. We have made it our aim to provide an excellent service which will help you when choosing furniture for your establishment.

We know what works and what doesn’t: and we supply furniture that has a proven track record, helping you to know that what you buy is going to suit your needs.

Our service and pricing combine to give you peace of mind: never spend too much or end-up with poor customer service. You can trust Nobis Furniture.

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Customer service is our number one focus, and to support this we have been pleased to see our customers giving us excellent reviews.

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